Cannabis Centrifuge


Like all the other Crown machinery Patent product, Cannabis processing machinery we have devoted to design and research, until today we have successfully made the Cannabis biomass Extraction Basket Centrifuge with Minus 80 Celsius Degree with Vacuum Jacket Insulation which can keep the centrifuge performance at 80 Celsius Degree condition as well.

For stable and safety running , we have designed a special driving system called C-Seal and all the driving and mechanical sealing system can work well by the Minus 80 Celsius Degree based on our hundred testing and client feedback for our designed.

The whole centrifuge can bear 0.2 Mpa pressure with the safety air relief valve system , this keep the all processing step without alcohol volatilization and save the cost for user.

For various capacity per batch we have designed different model from 15Kg to 200Kg model and all the model function well for the soaking , washing and drying. Due to the stable driving system the centrifuge can running maximum 1980 rpm (Rpm will be changed by different model).

Based on the GMP standard polishing , the machine is quite easy to clean and we have the the cleaning function which all the work just one button to finish.

Considering the working pressure , we have designed the smart control system (PLC Program is open source)and one button to finish all work so for the daily work only need one operator to feed and discharge the cannabis filter bag as well. All the cabinet is accordance with the UL and GMP standard and brand of the electric parts can customized by client requirements.

cannabis centrifuge Cannabis-centrifuge-Catalog.pdf (68 downloads)
ModelPSD 300PSD 450PSD 600PSD 800
Bowl Diameter (mm)300450600800
Bowl Volume(L)62245100
Bowl Speed (r/min)2880200014501450
Separation Factor13931008706942
Motor Power(kW)1.8347.5
Dimension L×W×H(mm)500x500x720900×900×9601100×1100×10001350×1350×1200
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