Hemp seed oil / sesame oil / hemp oil (Hemp oil)

Hemp oil is extracted from cannabis seeds. It usually comes from industrial cannabis plants and contains a small amount of THC, a sensual chemical that make your senses vibrate.

Hemp oil can be used in lotions, because it is a natural moisturizer, helps to moisturize the skin. , it is also used to make certain types of soap. People believe that it can treat atopic dermatitis and have anti-aging properties on the skin.

CBD sesame oil (CBD oil)

CBD (short for cannabinol) oil is extracted from the flowers and leaves of cannabis plants. It is a naturally occurring chemical in cannabis.

CBD oil is commonly apply for medical applications. Athletes often use CBD products for pain control and reduce inflammation. CBD containing drugs/products have also been approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of certain types of epilepsy.

With the development of new discoveries, the application of CBD is expanding. For example, use CBD oil to treat depression and relieve stress. Cancer patients also use cannabis and CBD to reduce nausea and increase appetite when receiving chemotherapy.

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