Automated, semi-automated & closed loop. Capna Systems are built with entry-level users in mind.


    Contrast with other similar centrifuge products, the advantages of our products are reflected in the following aspects:

    1. Range of working temperature

      Ultra low temperature extraction: our centrifuges can resist wide extraction temperature from -40℃to -120℃,client may tell us your ideal processing temperature and then we quote suitable one.

    2. Special machanical seal design

      Professional mechanical seal structure was specially designed to the main shaft to ensure that the centrifuge runs steadily for a long time without leakage

    3. Dual insulation design

      Dual thermal insulation design ensures the temperature of low temperature extract meets the requirements of long-term operation without heating up.

    4. High efficient dehydration

      Higher design speed to remove the residual extract left in the leaves to recover all ingredients as possible.

    5. Quality control

      We insist on purchasing SUS304 & SUS316L stainless steel from national enterprises which have strict production standard, and enough thickness to ensure the durability of equipment for long service time.

    6. Customization service

       Client may send us your needs and we design and manufacture the product which meets your requirement.


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