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The Cannabis plant has been known for centuries for the medicinal properties of its extracts. As extensiveresearch into its effectiveness as a beneficial therapy for treating chronic diseases or other medical conditionsrapidly advances, an interesting approach has been developed to isolate pure fractions of Cannabinoids usingFast Centrifugal Partitioning Chromatography (FCPC).

The process was optimized for methanol extracts containing a mixture of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC),Cannabidiol (CBD), and Cannabigerol (CBG) and respective isomers. Due to the selective partitioning natureand discrete stage-wise operation of the FCPC device, pure fractions of the constituents with very similarmolecular structures can be obtained in semi-preparative, preparative, and production quantitie


Solvent ethanol extraction is often the first step in refinement in order to recover cannabis essential oils containing precious THC, CBD and therpene compounds due to its availability, efficiency and relatively safe process.


Filtration is a common step in producing cannabis and hemp concentrates. Cannabis Biomass Centrifuge is professionally designed and manufactured to separate the extracts from the solid biomass material effective and efficient. The goal of filtration of this centrifuge is to remove solid particles as possible, improve clarity, increase potency, enhance stability. It can well be that in downstream processes additional filtration steps, e.g. in membrane filter, are requested.


After initial extraction most of the products require further processing before they are ready for consumption. Winterization is often the next step in purification of cannabis oils, where the main goal is to precipitate plant waxes and lipids so these can be filtered out. In ethanol extraction the plant lipids and cannabis extracts are both soluble at room temperature and cannot be separated. At low temperatures the waxes and lipids are no longer soluble and can be filtered from the solution.

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