02Sep 2021

Crown Machinery Co., Ltd. Is a professional disc centrifuge/separator equipment manufacturer, disc centrifuge series including three-phase(liquid-liquid-solid separation)and two-phase(solid-liquid separation) type of centrifuge, suitable for the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine under various conditions and requirements. Adopted with varieties of water extract, semi-finished products and syrup products. To boiled and extracted liquid can enter the disc separator for separation after a coarse filtration equipment. The output of […]

19Aug 2021

Edible Oil separation / extraction in the process of olive oil extraction, the main processing is  the centrifugal separation; centrifuge machine such as disc centrifuge(figure below) separates two liquid phase with different specific gravity from mixer of liquid and solid. This separation technology was first adopted by the olive oil press extraction industry from the late 1930s to the early 1960s, which completely upgrade the […]

03Jul 2021

Ethanol extraction is a liquid-solid separation process, with certain requirement of low temperature, treatment capacity. Crown machinery and our partner that cooperate to innovate a new type of vertical cannabis centrifuge, as a suitable equipment for ethanol extraction process in cannabis industry.

22Jul 2020

There is an increasing interest in large‐scale production of tailored chemicals from renewable resources. Such production typically involves a fermentation step where microorganisms produce the chemical of interest. The extraction of the chemical from the fermentation broth usually necessitates the removal of the microorganisms in a prior process step. In biomedical applications, Crown Machinery’s biomaterial […]

15Jul 2020

Cannabis extraction apply traditional solvent extraction technology, which is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine extraction, it has the advantages of less organic solvent, high recovery rate, simple operation. Ethanol is generally used as the extractant, can not only dissolve some water-soluble components, but also some components dissolved by non-polar solvent. Moreover, ethanol extraction can reduce the extraction of […]

15Jun 2020

The neutralization system of waste alkali ordered by  customers in the Middle East, Design and manufacture by Crown Machinery Co Ltd. The system is a collection design, integrated and fully pre-packaged unit. With automatic control system and instrumentation, etc., it can be installed and operated with reliability. Pipeline and other services. Mainly used for Alkaline […]

13Feb 2020

Crown Machinery have offically released new type ultra low temperature ethanol extraction cannabinoid separation centrifuge which was called CT series at the beginning of 2020 new year based on continuously search and designed. Model CT-Centrifuges have focus on supporting the user to yield more cannabis/hemp active ingredients extraction and keep the ultra low temperature to get better extraction […]

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