Edible Oil separation / extraction in the process of olive oil extraction, the main processing is  the centrifugal separation; centrifuge machine such as disc centrifuge(figure below) separates two liquid phase with different specific gravity from mixer of liquid and solid. This separation technology was first adopted by the olive oil press extraction industry from the late 1930s to the early 1960s, which completely upgrade the olive extraction technology. The separation process adopted disc centrifuge/disc separator, which is type of centrifugal separator; What we want to introduce at this process is the sedimentation centrifuge after stirring of olive fruit, in the sedimentation centrifuge, water, oil and fruit residue will be separated at this stage. These three phases named.

In processing of oil extration

-Oil phase: it is composed of 97% ~ 99% triglycerides and 1% ~ 3% other molecules. It accounts for more than 8% ~ 30% of fresh olive fruits, which varies according to the variety and maturity of olive fruits.

-Moisture phase (vegetable water): it contains water and hydrophilic substances, such as salts, monosaccharides, etc. It accounts for about 50% ~ 60% by weight in olive pulp; water are about 92% ~ 95%, and the remaining 5% ~ 8% are hydrophilic substances (solids dissolved in water).

-Hydrophobic solid phase (fruit residue): it is composed of organic semi mobile substances and broken fruit stones. It accounts for about 25% ~ 30% of the weight of olive paste; In the hydrophobic solid phase, about 75% are broken cores and 25% are fragments of cell walls of pulp and peel. Fragments of the cell wall of the pericarp

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